Attractive Accents

Blue Accent Wall for a Living Area

Blue Accent Wall for a Bedroom

Have you ever painted an entire room and gotten sick of looking at the color you chose a year later? Do you like to decorate with trendy colors? Do you prefer neutrals on the walls but want to experiment with color? If you answered yes to any of these questions then maybe an accent wall is right for you.

Accent walls are perfect for adding a touch of color to a room without the overkill. Not only do they create a fresh look while drawing attention to the room’s most beautiful features, but they also make for fast, cheap, and easy decorating. Accent walls can be put to use in any room—they key is picking the right color combinations and location.

I prefer to keep the majority of walls neutral colors of whites, grays, or beige. This makes the accent wall stand out even more. The accent paint you chose should compliment and bring out the colors of the accessories and furniture. To best match your accent wall just bring an accessory or fabric to your local Home Depot where they can show you the most agreeable paint choices.

Location of your accent wall should be focused around some point of interest such as a bed, window, fireplace, or arrangement of pictures. The easiest way to pick an accent wall is to ask yourself, “What do I like best about this room?” and “What do I want my guests to see first when they enter this room?”

Accent walls can also be created with the use of tile or wallpaper but I prefer paint because it is the cheapest and easiest option. And most importantly, painting is something you can do yourself. It’s easy on the wallet, easy to create, and also easy to get rid of if you don’t like it. So, what are you waiting for? Grab that brush or roller and start refreshing your space! Your room will feel better and so will you.


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