Power Beads

Painted bead board on the ceiling and island.

Horizontally placed bead board to the ceiling.

Anyone else remember the power bead trend in the 90’s and how cool you were if you wore them all up your arm? I thought I was cool anyway. Each bead was made of a different material with its own spiritual meaning.

The kind of beads I’m talking about in this entry don’t have any spiritual energy but they certainly are powerful. Powerful in durability, versatility, and texture, of course!

Bead board, which is also called Wainscot paneling, is great for protecting drywall from the harshness of weather, children, and pets. Traditionally this paneling is found on the lower half of walls in mudrooms, kitchens and bathrooms but it can really fit into any type of room.

It’s not just for the walls either. You can add this sleek lumber to the ceiling to draw the eye upward, to the kitchen as a backsplash, or to cabinetry & shelving. Its clean stripes have a way of adding neatness, texture, and visual appeal to wherever you decide to use it.

Often times bead board is kept white for crisp contrast to wall colors but colored bead board works too when the rest of the room is of neutral colors. There are also different styles or textures of bead board so make sure you shop around and do your homework to be sure you make the right decision. The basic styles start at about $20 per 4 ft x 8 ft panel.

I’m in the process of learning to put up bead board in my own room right now because I thankfully have a grandfather who seems to know how to do everything home&garden related. But if you want to give Wainscoting a whirl and don’t have access to the proper tools just consult your local Home Depot and they can have a professional make all the measurements and cuts for the space of your choosing.

You can find even more photos featuring paneling to get your wheels turning at Houzz.com. In the meantime, good luck with this latest DIY project!


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