Shelves: Less is More

Does anyone else think of those Charmin commercials with the cute bear when they hear “less is more?” Whether you know the jingle or not, those toilet paper people really know what they’re talking about. Who knew that what works for bathroom tissue also works for open shelving?

Starting at $2.99 at your local IKEA, stand-alone open shelving is a sleek, simple, cheap and easy way to put your possessions on display. Good for books, trinkets, tableware, pictures, plants, vintage toy collections, and pretty much anything else you can think of, open shelving is a jack-of-all trade in the world of decorating. You can use them in any room, on any wall, at any height.

As convenient and affordable as open shelving can be, it is also a passageway to the “c” word. You know—clutter. To avoid this dreadful thing it is important that you resist the brainless urge to just place anything and everything on your selves. Order, organization, and scarcity will go a long way. A clean shelf has a way of making the rest of the room look orderly too. Check out these well-groomed units to see what I mean and maybe you will find the inspiration to spruce up your shelves at home.

Remember, less is more. And if it’s not already stuck in your head, “Cha, cha, cha—Charmin!”

Open shelving in the bathroom on both the wall and under the counter are kept neat with the use of scarcity & baskets.

These shelves stay sleek by housing spaced apart framed photos. Notice their owner resisted the urge to cover up every inch of shelf space and even left the top shelf empty. It works!

How cool is this? Open shelving across the kitchen windows. Furnishing the shelves with neatly stacked transparent tableware ensures natural light can still enter the room.

P.S. I found another great addition to my last post, “Smoke & Mirrors.” Can you spot the magic in this room?

The back splash is actually a mirror! Had me fooled…


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