Going Paperless

This one is for my wallpaper people—listen up! Although wallpaper has many good uses such as adding texture & color to a room and covering up poorly plastered walls there are even more reasons why you shouldn’t use it. Here’s a down and dirty list to explain why:

  1. Ranging anywhere from $20 – $100 or more per 56 square feet, wallpaper can get expensive. Ouch!
  2. It’s difficult to put on.
  3. It’s just as difficult to take off.
  4. It may start to peel over time.
  5. There’s a very large chance it will look extremely outdated in 5 – 10 years.

Please don’t get me wrong. Wallpaper is absolutely beautiful but there are more practical, less expensive, and just as equally sensible options to get a similar textured look. Here are some DIY tips to help get you there.

Which reminds me — my boyfriend was proofreading a previous entry and asked, “What the heck is a DIY?” For those of you asking that same question, DIY stands for Do It Yourself.

Try using stencils. This can be a time-consuming project depending on the area you are looking to cover but is completely worth it once you see the beautiful results. Check out this entry by The Lovely Cupboard that shows you how to get the look for cheap. Like, $15 cheap!

Less time-consuming than stencils, you can get a look like this by using duct tape for clean lines. Just pick your color palette and you are on your way to going paperless!

Some more duct tape magic.

Try hanging a rug on the wall to add unique and stunning texture. You can easily replace the rug in the future when it’s time for a new look.

This is a super simple way to add pattern and texture to your walls. Shop your attic, local yard sale, or dollar store for a large frame, cork board, or mirror and cover it with your desired fabric.


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