Styling for Stormy Weather

For those of you who live on the east coast, hurricane Sandy is approaching fast. I hope you all have what you need to prepare yourself for the wayward weather. Just a fair warning though, if you need bread–don’t go to the Target in Abington, MA because they’re fresh out!

Still; no need to fret about the harsh conditions ahead. Something good can come of everything, including these home styling’s that are inspired by the Sandy-like weather. So stay inside, leave nature to takes its course, and let these pieces stir your imagination into a hurricane of its own. Just stay safe, readers!

Hurricane vases hold flowers and candles in this lovely coffee table arrangement.

Hurricane lighting suspends above this kitchen’s island.

Flowers in a hurricane vase add a pop of color to this sleek bathroom.

Corks in a hurricane vase. Also great for storing other small items such as ornaments, nail polish, or fruit.

Paint color: Storm AF700 by Benjamin Moore

Weathered wood panels on the walls of this living area give the space a warm and cottage feel.

Weathered walls and chipped paint work in this home making the space a cool and calm retreat.

A hurricane light is the perfect touch to this home’s entryway.


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