Mission Metal

You know how you get an idea in your head and can’t let it go? Well that was me recently with my need for a metal stool. I had this perfect vision of an industrial-looking metal stool to pair with my white vanity for my room.  I figured that since I’d seen this kind of stool at the doctor’s office and in high school at art & shop class that it would be a cheap easy find.

Easy? Yes. Cheap? Not even close. Several vendors sell in triple dollar digits for these vintage-looking pieces and I was like, “What? No way, Jose!”  So, thereafter resulted in a weeks-long search to find only more overpriced pieces.

Just when I thought I was on mission impossible my aunt just so happened to know a free stool in need of a good home. Even better, it was exactly the kind I was looking for. So thanks, Auntie Donna! This one is for you. A special thanks to my Nana too for excellent marketing.

Let this be a tip to all other mission-goers out there. Ask family and friends for help with your DIY projects because you never know what they will be able to bring to the table.  Involving the right people will help save time, money, and energy when creating the living spaces you desire. The end result–a happier and more beautiful home.


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