Well-Dressed Windows

Although we may take them for granted, windows play an important role in making our homes look attractive both inside and out. Natural lighting has a way of bringing life to a space and will also make it look cleaner, brighter, and bigger. Since they do have such a presence in all homes and are located in just about every room, there are many accessories available to help you play up a window’s appealing features.

Here are some ensembles in all shapes and sizes to inspire a freshening in your window’s wardrobe.

I fell in love with this style, plantation shutters, at open houses in Southfield. They are a perfect touch to this clean, bright, and beautiful bathroom.

Some windows are beautiful just as they are.

Painting the trim a bright color makes a window even more of a focal point. In this case it also makes the ceiling appear sky-high.

Sheer curtains placed on the lower half of these windows makes this seating area more cozy and private without depriving the room of natural lighting.

As I also pointed out in my Smoke & Mirrors entry, hanging the curtains above the window and closer to the ceiling make the room seem larger.

This kitchen’s curtain ties in all the colors of surrounding accessories.

This large, neutral, and patterned curtain is sheer enough that it doesn’t make this kitchen seem like a cave. It also brings more texture to the otherwise sparsely decorated space.

Fitted curtains work best for these uniquely shaped windows and also add a splash of color to this office.

A shower curtain can also be used as a window curtain!

Try pairing shades and curtains together if using materials that don’t block out enough light for sleeping.

A no-fuss way to dressing up rounded windows.

Hanging an oversized curtain rod makes a window seem wider.

All photos brought to you by Houzz.


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