Side Table Savings

Happy Wednesday, readers! Today I bring to you another easy DIY project that will appeal to your budget and style.

So, my latest mission was to find a new accent side table for my room. In the process I came across many striking pieces that resemble the following pictures. They are absolutely beautiful, right? But guess how much they cost. Really–just guess.

Table #1: Gold leaf hexagon side table from Tonic Home.

Table #2: Nickel side table by Horchow.

Table #3: Mirror-studded side table from Neiman Marcus.

What I was sure would be the perfect little number to sit next to my bed turned out to cost much more than anticipated:

Table #1 = $455.00

Table#2 = $695.00

Table #3 = $1,049.00

Now–I envy those with that kind of money to dish out on a small table that doesn’t even have storage. Heck, if I were you I would just buy the darn table instead of spending all my time looking for the cheap way out. But for the rest of us bargain hunters there is another way to get a similar look. Thanks to Pinterest once again I have discovered a genius idea that makes for fast, cheap, and easy decorating. All you have to do is find the appropriate sized waste basket, turn it upside down, and well-ah! You have an instant side table.

This item can be found at Target.

Not too shabby, eh? If you don’t like the color you can just spray paint it. Many wire waste baskets sell for only around $20-25 and that’s what you call smart savings!


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