Hardware with Character

Sometimes the tiniest things can make the biggest difference. With this idea in mind, there are plenty of small and inexpensive changes you can make to your home to add that extra charm. Whether it is door knockers, knobs, drawer pulls, or hooks, there is a piece out there for any home and personality—and I mean EVERY!

A lion’s head door knocker makes for a regal entrance. Research indicates it has been around for many years & carried many meanings. For example, in Ancient Roman times during Caesar’s reign, many military and political leaders had lions’ head door knockers at their homes to represent their political & social power.
By medieval times, these historic door knockers became popular in England, representing dignity, royalty, and Christianity.

Insert a picture of your choosing into this door knocker from Pottery Barn.

Scared to knock?

Giraffe door knocker from Anthropologie. Click here to see more of their fun hardware!

Key door knocker.

Green crystal door knobs. You can find just about any color online.

More crystal drawer pulls.

Knotted rope drawer pulls give this bathroom a nautical feel.

Peck! Peck! Woodpecker handles.

For the dog lovers out there.

Funky finger hook.

Handy dandy wrench hooks.

Not sure I want to know how people come up with this stuff…


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