Vintage Florals

Sometimes I see a faded floral print and it reminds me of summertime at my grandparent’s old house on Pleasant Street. I smell lilacs, see the wicker furniture set on the porch with large flowery cushions, and feel a warm breeze dancing in from the open windows. It brings me back.

Vintage-inspired floral prints are the theme for this post. Introduce this style to your home for a look that is cozy, warm, and welcoming. You may even find it sparks a pleasant memory for you too.


Tamar Schechner via Houzz.


Holly Marder via Houzz.


Caperace Cultural Adventures via Houzz.


Afraid you’ll get tired of floral curtains or bedding? Try occasional dinnerware instead like this IDEELL Mug from Ikea.5

Many designers are incorporating small dogs into their work. This Dachshund Throw Pillow is too cute!


Add this Teal Flora Box by Working Class Studio to your shelving for a fun pop of color and ideal organization.


A simple Floral Art Print by Rifle Paper Company.


Vevey Cylindrical Pouf Ottoman by Missoni Home from


Julie Ranee Photography via Houzz.


Costume jewelry in tea cups-what a cute idea! Cynthia Lynn Photography via Houzz.

More inspiration my be found in my Vintage Florals ideabook on Houzz.


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