The Perfect Office

This is the look I am currently craving: a clean white desk, a Mac computer, and fun, inspiring accessories to go along with it. I’m convinced that an organized and aesthetically pleasing workspace can double as a mood lifter and a motivator.

In fact, I was so set on giving my space a look like this that I took two trips to IKEA this weekend on a mission to make the LINNMON desk my own. And despite the out-of-stock-until-Monday status I was given by the lovely IKEA workers, this desk has now been a part of my work routine since Saturday. Hooray for early shipments!  See–my work is already more energized.

Try giving some love to your office and notice the improvement in your productivity.

Picture 1

Pinboard perfection and sweet miniature crystal lamp | via Pinterest

Picture 2

Cool wire chair and wooden task lamp | via Pinterest

Picture 3

Put inspiring art on the wall where you are forced to look at it | via Pinterest

Picture 4

The right amount of greenery will add more life to your workspace | via

Picture 5

Manage office stress by drinking your tea or coffee in a fun cup | via Pinterest

Picture 6

A desk near a natural light source is best for your mood | via Pinterest

Picture 7

Give yourself a boost with motivational quotes | via Pinterest

Picture 8

Add a soft rug underfoot for comfort | via Pinterest

Picture 9

Fresh cut flowers add a lively pop of color | via Pinterest

More inspiration may be found in my Mac Computer ideabook on Houzz.


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