Lucite Tables

Between the Louis Ghost Chair and the Acrylic Trays from The Container Store I have added to my room this summer, I think it’s safe to say I’ve hopped aboard the lucite train. The style is trendy, chic, and just really cool looking. It has a pretty interesting history too if you’re interested (thank you Apartment Therapy). Check out these transparent tables that make a statement however they are used.

Picture 1

Much in the way retailers use small acrylic stands to prop up their products in vignettes, this lucite table is being used to elevate twin lamps that balance the tall mirror focal piece.

Picture 2

Designer Suzanne Kasler with lucite table pair. I really like how they have only three legs instead of the traditional four. Placing the tables in front of the sofa instead of at the sides also gives their subtle tendencies more presence.

Picture 3

Lucite tables have a way of keeping an otherwise crowded space more open and bright.

Picture 4

Same as the photo above, this lucite table isn’t obtrusive to the fireplace focal point. Really liking the simple holiday decoration here too. Featured in Lonny Magazine.

Picture 5

Super clean and super bright. I really do love a tidy office and this desk.

Picture 6

The moroccan-inspired trim on these Ferreira Design tables add a subtle feminine touch.

Picture 7

The transparent table balances out the bold colors and patterns in this space photographed by Rikki Snyder.

Picture 8

I love everything about this photo: the books, the fuzzy rug, the vase, and of course the super chic leopard throw pillow. The lucite table allows for more attention to be drawn to these lovely surroundings. Design by Katie Armour.


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