Clothes Racks

I have been wanting my own clothes rack for years. Not only do they look nice when kept neat but they’re also bonus closet space. You can keep this look fresh by using matching hangers, organizing garments by color, and also matching the garments you display with the room’s decor. It’s a pretty inexpensive update too since a basic clothes rack goes for about $12 at IKEA. You can even make your own out of pipes.

All photo information may be found in my Fashion board on Pinterest.

Picture 1


Lots of cool things going on in this space between the Mac desktop, the textured ceiling, and fun task lamps.


Picture 2

I wouldn’t mind waking up to this every morning.


Picture 3

This may be a retail space but I still like the hanging fixtures as racks. This could work in a home too.


Picture 4

Color coordinating at it’s best right here.


Picture 5

The pin board above is a nice touch.


Picture 6

I like how this rack is on wheels and looks as if it came from a retail store.


Picture 7

This decorative rack and pharmacy chest combination is heavenly!


Picture 8

Yes, I could live with this. I like the hangers and mid century chair.

Picture 9

I’m drooling. This is the ideal closet!


Picture 10


Loving the whole mirror, lights, dresser combination.


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